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Atmospheric Water Systems
Atmo Systems

Atmospheric Water Systems

Use the moisture in the air

to create pure drinking water for the entire family Use the moisture in the air

to create pure drinking water for the entire family
Clean the air you breath

While alkalizing the water you drink Clean the air you breath
While alkalizing the water you drink

Atmospheric Water Systems

An atmospheric water system, is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to desiccants, or pressurizing the air. Unlike a dehumidifier, an AWG is designed to render the water potable. AWGs are useful where pure drinking water is difficult or impossible to obtain, because there is almost always a small amount of water in the air that can be extracted. The two primary techniques in use are cooling and desiccants.

Water From Air, taste the difference. Atmospheric Water Systems produces 99.99% pure water from the moisture in the air. No plastic water bottle waste. No more shipping, lifting or storing large water containers. Simply plug it in, and in a few hours you will have the freshest water on earth at your finger tips.

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Benefits of Clean, Pure Water

What is an Atmospheric Water Systems?
An Atmospheric Water System is an appliance that employs dehumidification/condensing technology that extracts water from the humidity in the air. The water is then filtered and purified through several filters including alkaline filters, carbon, reverse osmosis and UV sterilization lights.

This technology is often referred to “water from air”, “water from humidity”, “air water maker” or “air water system”. The Atmospheric Water System is a new, state-of-the-art water-generating machine, which uses some of the latest and most sophisticated technology available in the industry today. We have designed your Atmospheric Water System with one objective in mind, to produce the maximum amount of high quality drinking water while using only minimum amount of electricity.

The result is pure drinking water from the air.
How does it work?
It is important to be aware that the Atmospheric Water System is a humidity and temperature driven machine. This means the machine totally depends on the level of humidity in the air and the temperature to produce water. Ideally, the humidity level should be at least 40% or above to achieve the machine’s optimum performance.

In places with lower humidity level, the machine will still produce water but not as quickly, nor as much as in places with high level of humidity. This unit also performs well in an air-conditioned room.

Because the Atmospheric System works by converting the humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as an effective dehumidifier. In areas with high humidity, it not only acts as a water generator, but also a dehumidifier to keep you healthy and ensure your home appliances a long service time.

To ensure a high quality of drinking water, the Atmospheric Water System utilizes multiple filtration technologies.
Is there enough water in the air all the time?
There are 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water in the atmosphere at any given time. The average humidity in your home or office is 50%. Sufficient water can be generated with humidity as low as 35%.
How much water can be produced?
An Atmospheric Water System is capable of producing up to eight gallons of pure drinking water per day. Actual production will depend on the humidity in the air. The unit requires a minimum of 35% humidity to operate and produce water effectively, at 60% relative humidity it can produce up to 8 gallons of atmospheric drinking water during a 24-hour period.
Why should I want an Atmospheric Water System?
Tap water contains trace amounts of heavy metals (like lead, mercury and aluminum), carcinogenic chemicals (including chlorine, fluorine, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs), agricultural pesticides and pathogenic microorganisms (like E. coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium). Rarely do these levels exceed the EPA’s minimum guidelines, but they are present nonetheless in minute amounts. In most cases, it is impossible to completely remove these dangerous contaminants from tap water. Thus, the EPA has established “minimum” contamination level standards knowing full well that if a “zero” contamination level were established, no city water utility system could remain in business. What we do not know is what the long-term physiological side effects will be after drinking such water day after day. Laboratory research indicates that prolonged exposure to many chemicals, compounds, and toxic metals found in drinking water can build up within the body and its organs and cause severe immune disorders and even birth defects. What’s in YOUR water? Visit the EWG National Drinking Water Quality Database to find out!
Are there benefits to health?
Through our numerous filtration processes, an Atmospheric Water System produces the purest, high quality drinking water available today. The water produced is not only pure and free of any water contaminants, but also beneficial to your health. Water from an Atmospheric Water System provides the following overall benefits to the consumers: Clean and pure, processes of multi filtration, RO, and UV treatment ultimately eliminate hazards caused by viruses, bacteria, pesticides and heavy metal contaminants. Rich oxygen contained in the water improves metabolism of your body.

Tastes sweeter and better.

Rich tiny H2O molecular group can easily penetrate body cells, thus improve overall human body metabolism.

With lower cost, you will get more beneficial drinking water

It can supply two kinds of water, hot & cold.
What are the benefits?
• No external piping needed.
• No more bottled water bill.
• Minimal amount of energy to produce water.
• No more hustle to grocery stores and lifting of heavy bottled water.
• No need for a Dehumidifier.
• Daily 99.9% pure drinking water for you and your children manufactured by nature.
• Exceeding EPA requirements.
• Protects your expensive furniture from over moist environments.
• Helps Protects your family from inhaling dust, bacteria and fungus.
• Delivers the purest water and fresh air to your world by removing microns.
• Utilizing high intensity UV (ultra violet), it eliminates microorganisms including bacteria and viruses.
• Operated by a microcomputer control system, it will automatically stop generating water when full.
• Average cost per gallon of pure drinking water is about 4 cents using our Atmospheric Water System.
Atmospheric Water System vs. individual plastic water bottles
More earth-friendly: The Atmospheric Water System completely eliminates the severe environmental cost of disposing of billions of single-use plastic bottles worldwide. Over 80% of these bottles are never recycled, leaving them to decompose in our oceans, rivers, and landfills—a process that can takes hundreds of years. Lower-cost: Water from the Atmospheric Water System costs far less per serving than water from single-use plastic bottles. Higher-quality: The Atmospheric Water System’s water doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and additives, such as BPA*, that can leech into bottled water over time or when exposed to heat. Cold and hot water: The Atmospheric Water System produces customizable cold water, between 37-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and hot water, between 180-201 degrees Fahrenheit.
A note on water and heat: There are “premium” bottled waters on the market that are produced outside of the United States and spend months on ships, rail cars, and trucks—often at elevated temperatures—before they appear on store shelves. This transportation time and lack of temperature control makes it more likely that chemicals from the plastic will leech into your water.

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